The African virtual cartoon festival on Covid-19 has been organized by the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in Kenya in collaboration with University of Nairobi, and East African Cartoonists' Society on the title "Africa and Covid-19 Pandemic" with 13 sub titles to choose from as highlighted on its call which you can access here. African nationals and Iranians are eligible to enter the competition.The deadline for artwork submission is 5th August 2020 (before 12 midnight), to be emailed to

Covid-19 has greatly affected all countries across the continent, mostly livelihoods. Cartoon is a form of art, that the youths resonate with. Their creativity can illustrate a world during and post Covid-19 more so focusing on the aspect of keeping safe.

There will be a public and jury selection of the best artworks. The public voting will be held from 10th July - 17th August 2020 at the Islamic Republic of Iran Facebook page:@Iran.Kenya. The jury selection will be announced on 24th August 2020 at the Islamic Republic of Iran embassy website: and Facebook page:@Iran.Kenya. Winners will be awarded cash prizes.

For more information please consult: