University of Nairobi endeavours to provide an enabling environment in which the student will hopefully grow into a whole human person. The University therefore recognizes the need for services of a spiritual nature , over and above the other services we offer.

The Chaplaincy is staffed by religious leaders (Protestant, Catholic and Muslim) and offers general support and guidance while also drawing attention to the spiritual value within the various faiths. The services of the Chaplaincy are open to the entire University Community.

Some of these services and activities include guidance, conducting religious ceremonies, for instance, weddings, baptisms, burials,conducting regular worship services, hosting seminars and workshops, and coordinating religious activities at the University.

The University Chaplaincy is located in Gandhi Wing.



The office of the University Muslim Chaplain (Imam) co-ordinates its activities with the Muslim Students Association of the University of Nairobi (MSAUN) which is the umbrella body for all Muslim Students at the University of Nairobi. MSAUN’s activities includes: First years orientation, farewell program, Ramadhan ifar (breaking of the fast) and suhur programmes. MSAUN organizes annual activities that include, inter alia, Quran competition, medical camp and career exhibitions country-wide.


The association is under St.Paul Chapel where the Campus Chaplain
Ministers. The objective of the chaplaincy is to engage students wholly so to build their faith and develop spiritually. Some of activities includes Choir practice, Fellowships, charity work, outreach Ministries among others. The Dean's office normally liase with chaplain in all activities.
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They conduct worship,singing and many more activities. The Christian union is formed by all campus Christian unions. In addition to that they participate in Missions ,crusades and Door to door evangelism. For more information e-mail: