Historical Projects

 The University of Nairobi greatly appreciates the role The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Academy of Society (MGMAS) has played in shaping monumental projects at the University especially after a trust fund was started in 1962 in the name of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Fund (GSNF) .The fund which came from the Government of India and the three East African colonies was primarily set out to aid in the development of higher education in East Africa. The money from the fund and the Indian community was used to construct

  1. The Administration block, Gandhi Wing where currently the Office of the Dean and Career Services are located among other many Offices and lecture rooms.
  2. Gandhi Memorial Library as well as assisting in the purchase of the land on which the Chiromo Campus is built.

The Fountain of  Knowledge remains a historical project that has been standing for a long time, since 1962. It was designed and constructed by F.V Foit as a dedication to the memory of Prof. Yajnik, Executive Officer of the Gandhi Society. Prof. Yajnik had been extremely instrumental in raising funds to build the University. The Fountain was unveiled at a colorful ceremony and was intended to be a reminder of the values that the University espoused, representing academic achievement.

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