University of Nairobi Choir

The University of Nairobi Choir was founded by the Late Dr. Arthur Mudogo Kemoli in the year 1988 after he returned to the University of Nairobi from the Ministry of Education, where he had been the Director of Creative Arts (Music & Drama).  Since its inception, the University of Nairobi choir comprised of a few members of staff from the University and largely, guest singers from the famous Kariokor Nyayo Choir, a choral group that was very active and vibrant during the reign of Late President Moi, the second President of the republic of Kenya.

In the year 2005, the University management decided that the University Choir shall comprise of only bonafide students of the University of Nairobi. This gave our very own talented students an opportunity to enroll in the choir as one of the clubs in the University.

The University choir was then officially registered as a student’s club in the University under the Dean of students’ Office, herein referred to as “STUDENT MUSIC ASSOCIATION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI” (SMAUON)

The club has its own article of association or constitution which guides students on day-to-day choir activities and operations. i.e. Membership, Aims and Objectives, Rights and Obligations among others. Under this constitution, the students have organized themselves into a very responsible and Artistic group that has for many years provided entertainment and performances both locally and internationally.

Currently, the University Choir has a total of 60 active students, largely drawn from Kikuyu Campus, Main campus, Chiromo Campus, Upper Kabete Campus, Lower Kabete Campus, Parklands Campus, Kenya Science Campus and Medical School respectively. The choir holds its rehearsals during evening hours only and thus, many students express interest but only a few are chosen to be among the 60. Recruitment of new members starts with first year students during their orientation into the University community.

With a majority of students coming from Kikuyu campus followed closely by main campus, the students agreed unanimously to be holding their rehearsals at the graduation square in main campus. This was a temporary measure while plans to get rehearsal space within the University were underway. To date, the choir still meets for rehearsals at the graduation square.

Whenever the Choir is invited for an event with the approval of the management, the University provides transport (University Bus) to ferry students to and from all the affected campuses to meet in main campus for rehearsal.


  1. Lead the University Community in Singing the National Anthem, East African Community Anthem and the University of Nairobi Anthem during official gatherings of the University.
  1. Provide Entertainment Services to the University Community whenever called upon.
  1. Represent the University in the Annual Kenya Music Festival for Schools, colleges and Universities.
  1. Represent the University during National Days e.g. Madaraka Day, Mashujaa Day and Jamhuri Day when invited by the National Celebrations Committee.
  1. Represent the University in State/Presidential functions when invited by the Permanent Presidential Music Commission/ State House.
  1. Represent the University During Celebrations on National days of Other countries at their respective embassies whenever called upon, e.g. China, Portugal, France etc.
  1. Organize and take part in Concerts, Symposiums, workshops and other music-related activities.


  1. UON Prayer Day
  2. UON Open Day
  3. UON Annual Sports Day
  4. Nairobi Innovation Week
  5. UON Research Week
  6. UON Awards Day
  7. UON Tree Planting Day
  8. The Annual Kenya Music Festivals
  9. World Refugee Day
  10. World Aids Day
  11. Graduation Ceremonies (September and December)
  12. Nairobi International Trade Fair
  13. Easter and Christmas Carols Concerts
  14. Orientation of First Year Students (During VC’s Address)
  15. Madaraka Day, Mashujaa day & Jamhuri Day Celebrations
  16. Among other events that the choir is invited to provide entertainment


The University of Nairobi choir has several equipment which enable the choir to deliver on its core mandate, among others.  The equipment includes:

  1. Upright Piano
  2. A set of conga drums
  3. Kayamba, Shakers and Hand bells
  4. Music Stand
  5. Assorted set of uniforms
  • UON corporate wear
  • African Orange wear
  • Light blue design with UON logo