1. What’s the primary role of the Dean of Students office?

The Office is concerned with student affairs to help address the holistic growth, development and wellbeing of students in support of the University’s vision, mission and objectives. It’s simply a one-stop-shop for all non-academic student welfare matters that include but not limited to Needy Students, Disability Matters, Work-study Programmes, Financial Aid Services, Advocacy and Liaison Services, Career and Placement Services, Entertainment services, Students orientation programmes and  Student Liaison Services handling professional organizations and clubs and the student leadership (UNSA) .

  1. Does the office of Career Services assist students during or after graduation?

The mandate of the of the Office of Career Services is two fold, to link students to jobs and internship opportunities and to build  skills of Students to prepare them for the job market. Students are assisted when in session and after graduating through the Alumni.

  1. Who is eligible for work study?

All students (Module I, II,III)  are eligible for the work study program but priority is given to Needy students to help them make some earning for upkeep. However, the applicant should not be a beneficiary of any scholarship or bursary awarded by UoN. It should be noted that the proceeds of work study program are meant for school fees and student upkeep.

  1. Who qualifies as a needy student to receive bursary?

The bursary is for the University of Nairobi students who are bright and needy.

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