World Bank Young Professionals Program Information Session

World Bank Young Professionals Program Information Session

On the 13th of January 2023, the University of Nairobi Office of the Dean of Students and Career Services hit the road running as it opened its doors to the World Bank Group. The World Bank  Group facilitated an information session on its Young Professionals Program at the University of Nairobi’s Towers, Manu Chandaria Auditorium, 6th Floor, an opportunity that would not only shed light on the YPP but other opportunities at the World Bank.

The Young Professionals Program is part of the World Bank Group’s 2 year development program that precedes a five year employment contract that is aimed at intensively training and engaging prospects in; on the job and in classroom basics that create the foundation for the development of their leadership and development skills. As part of their outreach while they visited Nairobi, the team from the World Bank Group called upon UoN alumni who were also alumni of the Young Professionals Program, to share their experiences with the invited students of the University of Nairobi. Joy Busolo Sr.Water Resources Management Specialist, Grace Njeru- Energy Specialist, Erick Otieno Ogumo – Consultant with Manufacturing Agriculture and Services shared their varied experiences of how they became a part of the YPP and how their role there helped them move up and serve the world and their countries in different positions at the World Bank.

World Bank Young Professionals Program

Vilmar Aguilar Program Mgr. WBG YPP, Agufana Votega Obed, Sr HRBP II and Claudiane Johnson,Sr HRB, facilitated a very informative Q&A session where students had the chance to ask questions about the YPP and other programs under the World Bank Group including pointers on how to structure CV’s, how to prepare oneself to be eligible for World Bank programs and opportunities and how to prepare for an interview for future World Bank programs. Vilmar Aguilar Program Mgr. WBG YPP was extremely happy with the session citing ‘she always finds pleasure and fulfillment when giving back and interacting ‘with young students and prospects for the World Bank Group’.

By Mary Oloo

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