Our student counsellor at College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) Mr. Paul Muia together with 7 peer counsellors have formed 46 social support groups that they use as a platform to reach out to students during this uncertain times Covid-19 has brought. The result has been reaching out to over 35,000 students, who have received the support of online counselling through calls or texting. These 35,000 students are grouped into 46 social support groups formed into respective whatsapp group.

The challenges students shared include financial, drug use and abuse due to idleness at home, unable to access online classes, domestic violence at home, those who are entrepreneurs have lost their source of income including some of their parents. CHSS peer counselling team led by Mr.Muia have greatly stepped in to giving these students hope, that all shall be well, with the University supporting them to ensure they continue with their education despite the Covid-19 abrupt interruption.

CHSS welcomes collaboration and partnership to come up with intervention measures for the challenges our students shared with our team to receive the best support and care possible. These measures can adopted across all colleges as Mr. Muia sees the inter-relation between the Covid-19 adverse effects and mental health. The Dean of students department appreciate these efforts of the staff showing that the University does care.