Marketing and Advertising Campus Tour

The International School of Advertising (ISA) in conjunction with the University of Nairobi’s Office of the Dean of Students and Career Services hosted the International School of Advertising (ISA) campus tour on the 30th of November at MLT 405, 4th Floor, UoN Towers. The campus tour that was set to run from 8am to 5pm, consisted of a 360 immersion into the world of Marketing and Advertising through industry speakers from various marketing communications agencies as indicated on the poster-A marketing communications challenge based on the real brand.

The campus tour was meant to offer students two scholarship opportunities and apprenticeship opportunities that would open numerous doors of opportunities for the students.

Those who qualified for the apprenticeship program would stand a chance to

  • Go through a 6 months’ industry led training program starting 11th January 2023
  • Get into a 3-month apprenticeship program with partner companies
  • Get mentorship from industry experts
  • Personal development skills related to mental well-being, emotional intelligence, and business and communication etiquette to enable students to learn the behavioral skills needed in the market-place.
  • Workshops in financial  goal setting, planning and leadership

Get submissions into openings subject to successfully completing the program

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