Mrs.Teresia Okumu, Assistant Dean of students, Kisumu campus says that they have been in constant contact with the students who have raised numerous concerns about online teaching and exams, then handed them over to be handled by the various school coordinators and the Director. The Campus continues to offer Psycho-social support to students during this covid-19 period such as those affected by the floods, those who have lost loved ones and even the needy cases.
Some students have been at the forefront of assisting many flood victims within Kisumu County by mobilizing the local community through the local radio and TV stations. They have also joined forces with other youth groups in the county to sensitize the community on COVID-19 government guidelines. The numerous activities included sensitization in market areas, distribution of face masks and sanitary pads, foodstuffs, assisting flood victims etc.

The ADOS is proud to see our UoN students at the frontline during these harsh times that is faced by families. Her call to action is on any well wisher to partner with them.