Empowering Futures: Kisumu Campus Hosts Successful Career Mentorship Program

Empowering Futures: Kisumu Campus Hosts Successful Career Mentorship Program

In a momentous event organized by the Office of Career Services, the Career Mentorship Program at Kisumu Campus reached its climax, leaving an indelible impact on over 200 participating students. The program, designed to educate and create awareness about the dynamic job market, featured a panel of experts from diverse professional fields.

The atmosphere buzzed with enthusiasm as students engaged with seasoned professionals, gaining insights that transcended the conventional realms of academia. The program’s theme emphasized the indispensable role of Social Capital and discipline in navigating the competitive job landscape.

"Be flexible and share ideas with people, learn to adapt other peoples' ideas," urged Madam Naomi Ngaboga, Head of the Career Section. Her words resonated as a guiding principle for aspiring job seekers. The program not only imparted knowledge but also instilled a sense of adaptability and collaborative spirit among the students.

Dean of Students Mr Johnson Ireri Kinyua, in his impactful remarks, reinforced the commitment to student development. "We are here to develop you, we are here to equip you with skills necessary in the job market," he affirmed. The mentorship session became a cornerstone for students, offering a roadmap to success in the ever-evolving professional landscape.

Key takeaways from the event included the crucial role of Social Capital and discipline in achieving success. The emphasis on flexibility and the exchange of ideas underscored the importance of adaptability in a rapidly changing job market.

As this year's overall program came to a stop, students left inspired, armed with not only academic knowledge but also a deeper understanding of the ethical principles required to excel as job seekers. The ripple effect of this mentorship program was expected to resonate through the careers of the University of Nairobi students, fostering a generation of professionals well-prepared for the challenges of the future.

By Arnold Morwani

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