Accolades to the University Choir





The University Choir offers entertainment services to all University events and also participates in music festivals annually. The Choir activities are coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students to ensure there is proper representation in all University activities.

On September 8, 2021 the University Choir in conjunction with the Office of the Dean of Students held a Trophies Presentation Ceremony to the Vice Chancellor (VC), Prof. Stephen Kiama in his office. A total of 10 trophies were presented to the VC, an indicator that UoN is not only a Centre of Academic Excellence but also Home of Talent. The University Choir has over the years performed exceedingly well and has emerged top during the Annual Music Festivals.

The Vice Chancellor applauded the commitment of the choir in their service and took note of the various requests raised by the Choir team ranging from facilitation to attend the next annual music festival, acquiring new uniforms, purchasing priority music equipment, and request for space to keep the choir equipment. The VC further challenged the choir to maximize on the potential of social media by posting video clips of their work online to raise popularity of their work.  

The VC applauded the choir’s commitment and promised to support them where necessary. The Office of the Dean of Students applauds Dr. Fred Atoh and Mr. Chris Wekulo who have taken their time to direct and train the choir tirelessly.

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