Students Associations & Clubs



Extra-curricular activities provide opportunities for students to continue to develop outside the Lecture hall. A variety of organizations and clubs are found at the University of Nairobi. These outlets are highlighted in this section. Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities while at the University. One such outlet is participation in professional associations and clubs. These associations not only address the professional and personal welfare interests of students, but they also provide opportunities for performing community service and personal development. The University has various students’ bodies, which represent students’ interests. Through the various representatives, students access all decision-making levels from the halls, the Senate, and all the way to Council. The University of Nairobi is committed to seeing that student organizations are fiscally able to meet their desired goals and aims. Student Organizations should liaise with Deans of Faculties and Directors of Institutes for further guidance.


The registration and support of student organizations and services are provided by the Office of the Dean of Students. Students may form associations and clubs, but they should check to see if there is already an existing organisation that meets their needs. Student organizations are advised to have their calendar of events/activities coordinated by the office of the Assistant Deans of Students on their respective Campus. Through these organizations students have been able to participate in community activities, professionally related events, Organise fashion shows, Miss / Mr university shows, exchange visits with students in other countries, attend international conferences and meetings and generally develop their social, and other skills.


UNSA is the overall student body. Registered in July 1998 as SONU, it has the following objectives:-

  1. To establish an efficient, accountable and transparent student organization which seeks and undertakes representation and/or participation in organs of the University.
  2. To work in close solidarity with other students organizations within the University and establish friendly relations and understanding with other relevant organizations.
  3. To seek, enhance and maintain freedom of conscience, expression, association, academic liberty and all rights occurring to students and to promote employment of the same.
  4. To promote student welfare, work hand in hand with University administration and other bodies concerned with enhancement of students’ standard of living and undertake any other activity which does not conflict with the constitution of UNSA or any law or regulation in force in which is beneficial to the members.
  5. UNSA also seeks to represent students in various administrative and academic organs of the University. Students can channel their input into the University Council, University Senate, Student Welfare Authority (S.W.A.) and College Academic Boards.

UNSA Executive comprises of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Administration, Vice-Chairperson, Academics, Secretary General, Organizing Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary-Sport and Entertainment, Secretary- Health, Accommodation and Catering, Campus Representatives from Chiromo Campus, Lower Kabete, Kikuyu Campus, Main Campus, Parklands, Upper Kabete, Medical School and the Gender Affairs Secretary.


Representation to the College Students’ Organizations through professional associations is done at departmental level. Specific information on each college students’ organization is available from the respective College Principals, Deans or Directors of Faculties and Departmental Chairpersons. Information on student representation to various University organs can be obtained from the Office of the Dean of Students. The Colleges and Faculty/Schools/Institutes Students’ Organization are as follows:-

CAESO - College of Architecture and Engineering Students Organization

COMSA - Confederation of Medical Students Association

SOBO - School of Business Organization

KCUSO - Kabete Campus University Students Organization

KLSS - Kenya Law Students Society

NUARSA - Nairobi University Arts Students Association

ONUSS - Organization of Nairobi University Science Students

UNESA - University of Nairobi Education Students’ Association

UNASA - University of Nairobi Anthropology Students Association

Registered Students Associations and Clubs

  1. Accounting Students Association
  2. Africa Peace of U.O.N. Chapter
  3. Agricultural Economics Students Association
  4. Agricultural Education and Extension Students Association
  5. AIESEC Kenya 
  7. Arabic Students Association of Nairobi University
  8. Archaeology Student Association
  9. Architecture Students Association
  10. Association of Architectural Students
  11. Association of Banking Students
  12. Association of Business Studies Students (ABSS) 
  13. Association of Food Science and Technology Students
  14. Association of Master of Business Administration Students University of Nairobi
  15. Association of Medical Students Against TB (AMSAT)
  16. Association of Medical Students University of Nairobi (AMSUN)
  17. Association of Students In Electrical & Electronics Engineering (ASEEE)
  18. Association of Young Entrepreneurs (AYE) 
  19. Bahai Club of the University of Nairobi
  20. Baptist Student Ministries Biological Association of Nairobi University Students
  21. Biochemistry Student Association
  22. Biology and Wildlife Association
  23. Business Association Club of University Of Nairobi
  24. Business Promotion and Environmental Conservation Group
  25. Campus Music Club
  26. Catholic Students Community
  27. Cercle Francophone - Universite’ de Nairobi (CEFRUNA)
  28. Chama Cha Kiswahili Cha Chuo Kikuu Cha Nairobi
  29. Chess Club University of Nairobi
  30. Chiromo Environment Awareness Club
  31. Chiromo Natural History Societies
  32. Christian Science Organization of Church of Christ Scientist UoN Chapter
  33. Christian Union
  34. Club Eighty-Five - Kabete Campus
  35. Community Health Initiative Network (CHIN)
  36. Debating Society
  37. DS 70 Design Students Association
  38. Eco-Ethics International Union -Nairobi Chapter (EEIU)
  39. Economics Students Association 
  40. Education Communication Club
  41. Elimu Players
  42. Engineering students Association
  43. English Students Association (ESA Kikuyu Campus)
  44. Environmental Club of University of Nairobi
  45. Equality Eyes Club
  46. Federal of African Medical Students Association (FAMSA)
  47. Finance Students Association
  48. Geographical Society of Kenya
  49. Geography Students Society
  50. Geological Association of University of Nairobi
  51. German Club of the Medical Students of the University of Nairobi
  52. Habitat for Humanity Kenya - University of Nairobi Campus Chapter
  53. Hindu Students Association
  54. Historical Association of Kenya
  55. Human Resources Management Students Association
  56. Inter-College Environmental Network
  57. International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF)
  58. Japan-Kenya Student Conference of Nairobi
  59. Kenya Law Students’ Society
  60. Kikuyu Kiswahili Club (CHAKIKU)
  61. L’afreme - Medical Campus
  62. Linguistics Student Society
  63. Lions Club of the University of Nairobi
  64. Literature Students Association
  65. Marketing Students Association
  66. Mathematics Association of Nairobi University (MANU)
  67. Medical Students Against AIDS
  68. Muslim Students Association
  69. Nairobi University Actuarial Students Association
  70. Nairobi University Agriculture Students Association
  71. Nairobi University Association for a Drug Free Society (NUADS)
  72. Nairobi University Association of Philosophy & Religious Studies
  73. Nairobi University Biochemistry Students Association (NUBSA)
  74. Nairobi University Chemical Club
  75. Nairobi University Collegiate Association for Research of Principle
  76. Nairobi University Computer Science Students Association (NUCOMMSA)
  77. Nairobi University Dental Students Association
  78. Nairobi University Geology Students Association
  79. Nairobi University Insurance Students Association
  80. Nairobi University Journalism Students Association (NUJOSA)
  81. Nairobi University Management Students Association (NUMSA)
  82. Nairobi University Meteorological Association
  83. Nairobi University Nursing Students Association (NUNSA)
  84. Nairobi University Pharmacy Students Association
  85. Nairobi University Philosophical Society (NUPHIS)
  86. Nairobi University Physics Association
  87. Nairobi University Population Students Association
  88. Nairobi University Range Management Society (NURMA)
  89. Nairobi University Social Work Students Association (NUSWSA)
  90. Nairobi University Statistics Students Association
  91. Nairobi University Students Association for the Disabled (NUSAD)
  92. National Youth Guidance and Counselling Club Association
  93. Network Evangelist Team
  94. Operations Smile University Club Kenya
  95. Organization of Student Volunteers
  96. Peer Counselling Club
  97. Physical Planning Students Association
  98. Pledge 25 club (UNPSA)
  99. Political Science Students Association
  100. Red Cross University Chapter
  101. Rotaract Club, Kikuyu Campus
  102. Shelter and Environmental Club
  103. Society of Building and Land Economics Students
  104. Sociology Students Association
  105. Sociology Students’ Association
  106. Students Association for Legal Aid and Research (SALAR)
  107. Students Association of Mechanical Engineering
  108. Students Music Association University of Nairobi
  109. Students of Law and Diplomacy (SOLAD)
  110. Students of Soil Students Association
  111. Students Organisation of Nairobi University
  112. Swahili Students Association
  113. The Guild
  114. The Muslim Students Association of the University of Nairobi
  115. The Student Observer
  116. The Weavers (CEES)
  117. Theatre Revival Club
  118. UNESCO Club University
  119. United Nations Students Organization (UNSO)
  120. University of Nairobi Association for Community Development
  121. University of Nairobi Association of Crop Protectionist (UNACROP)
  122. University of Nairobi Basketball Club
  123. University of Nairobi Education Students Association (UNESA)
  124. University Of Nairobi Environmental & Bio systems
  125. University of Nairobi Geography Students Society (UNGSS)
  126. University Of Nairobi Industrial Chemistry Students Association
  127. University Of Nairobi International Students Association (UNISA)
  128. University of Nairobi Peer Educators Club
  129. University of Nairobi Rotary Club
  130. University of Nairobi Rover Crew
  131. University of Nairobi Students in Free Enterprise 
  132. University of Nairobi Tourism Students Association
  133. University of Nairobi Young Talents Association
  134. University of Nairobi Youth Development Association
  135. University Students Aids Control Association
  136. Veterinary Students Association
  137. Wazalendo Drama Society
  138. Weavers Drama Club
  139. Wildlife Club
  140. Women Students Welfare Association (WOSWA) 
  141. Youth Agency For Development of Science, Technology and Innovation (YADSTI)
  142. Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA)
  143. Youth for Population Information and Communication
  144. Youth Guidance and Counselling Association
  145. UoN Alumni Association (UONAA)