UoN Students take collective responsibility to curb the spread of the Coviid-19 pandemic

The University of Nairobi was no exception in making a very critical decision and balance on resuming face to face learning. The sensitive issue surrounding this debate was majorly on the students’ ability to observe the Government’s Covid-19 protocol in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

University Students are generally known for throwing caution to the wind and living carefree lives. Washing hands severally, strictly wearing a face mask- without dropping to the chin-, social distancing, not touching the eyes, nose and mouth, coughing into ones elbow could be described as simple tasks that can be blatantly disregarded by students. However, the last few months of face to face learning have proved this notion wrong. Most of the students since embarking on their studies in campus have taken personal responsibility to ensure that they are safe. The new acquired behavior keeps safe their friends, relatives and the nation at large and upholds the initial Government directive of closing down learning institutions to slow down the spread of the virus.

The positive change of behavior, some say, has been associated with the fear of derailment into yet another academic year which saw some of them lag behind when virtual learning was inaccessible.

The recent reporting of first year students including the College of Humanities and Social Sciences that carries the largest number of students explains without doubt the success story of students minding one another’s health and life to be precise.

The University of Nairobi and the Dean of Students Office acknowledge students’ exceptional efforts in compliance with the health directives and appreciate every one of them. As we labor all together in search for knowledge and truth, let’s not forget to keep each other Safe!

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