UNSA 2023 Leadership Induction

UNSA 2023 Leadership Induction

The newly elected leaders of the University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA) gathered at the KCB Leadership Forum Centre in Karen for their induction. The event, organized by the Office of the Dean of Students, was aimed at orienting the leaders on their roles and responsibilities as well as discussing ways in which they can work together with the University to improve student welfare.

The event was graced by the Vice Chancellor, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, Dean of students, Dean of Faculties, Chairpersons of various departments, and directors of different units within the university.

The Dean of Students, Mr. Johnson Kinyua welcomed all induction attendees and outlined the workshop objectives. The induction aimed to sensitize the UNSA leaders on different aspects of the University. Is was also a great opportunity for the UNSA leaders to interact with management and hear their views at the onset of their leadership journey. The UNSA leaders got an opportunity to interact with their Deans and Associate Deans of Faculties and share their expectations and feedback. “This is a great opportunity for you student leaders from the Council and congress to network and know each other since you will be working as a team for the next one year” reiterated Mr. Kinyua, the Dean of Students.

During the Induction the Vice Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama welcomed the leaders and reminded them of the importance of their roles in representing the student body and the university at large. He told the congress that it’s through this kind of leadership students develop to be top leaders in this country. “the university has been producing national leaders like the current president and his deputy, and it is through this humble beginning you develop to be a national leader.” He then emphasized on the need for effective communication and collaboration between the student leaders and the university management in addressing the challenges facing the student community.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs Prof. Julius Ogeng’o, in his address echoed the importance of academic excellence and challenged the leaders to champion this cause. “It cannot be excellent if the students are not excellent and so it’s up to you as students leaders to lead wisely and achieve excellence” he added. He also encouraged them to be proactive in engaging with their peers and finding innovative solutions to the challenges facing the university.

The Chairpersons of various departments and directors of different units within the university also addressed the congress including, the Academic Registrar, Director Corporate Affairs, Director Finance, Director, Supply Chain and Management, Chief Medical Officer, Director ICT, Chief Legal Officer, Disability Liaison office, Director Sports and Games, Halls Manager and Director safety and Security Services. The presentations were at highlighting their respective roles and how they can work with the student leaders to achieve common goals.

During the presentations, the directorate corporate affairs through the deputy director madam Hellen Ageng’a presented on the role of student leaders in shaping the university brand and their responsibility in managing the already made brand. She encouraged the congress to be good ambassadors and help in boosting the university brand. “It’s the way you carry yourselves as a leader that will maintain the brand of the university.”

Speaking during the Induction, the UNSA president Monica Malith presented on student centered leadership. She emphasized on key principles of leadership and encouraged congress members to enhance engagement within students and also promote student agency.

During the interactive sessions, the leaders engaged with the university management on various issues affecting the student community, including accommodation, security, and health services. They also discussed ways in which the congress and the university can collaborate to create a more conducive learning environment.

In conclusion, the induction was a great success, providing a platform for the student leaders to engage with the university management and chart a way forward for the student community. The congress was more informed, motivated and energized to serve the student community with excellence.

Story by Arnold Nyamweya

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