University Starts New Year With Prayers

University Starts New Year With Prayers

The University of Nairobi ushered in the New Year with a compelling and spiritually uplifting gathering the Annual Interdenominational Prayer Day held at Taifa Hall. The event aimed to invoke blessings, seek guidance, and cultivate a positive outlook for the upcoming year.

Reflecting on the journey toward a thriving university, Chaplain Rev. Hosea Mitei challenged members to contemplate virtues such as honesty, acknowledging communal challenges, and embracing forgiveness. Sheikh Abdalla Swaleh delivered a compelling sermon on the significance of cultivating an attitude of gratitude. Drawing from the noble Quran, the scripture emphasized the importance of being thankful and seeking more favors from the Creator. Sheikh added “Whether you speak secretly or openly, He surely knows best what is hidden in the heart”

During the ceremony, Prof Kiama, the Vice Chancellor, marked the commencement of a year brimming with blessings and success for the university. Leading the university community, he encouraged embracing a constructive mindset, underscoring its crucial role in propelling the institution forward.

Addressing the gathering, Prof. Leonidah Kerubo, Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, stressed the importance of positivity. She urged the university community to recommit to academic excellence, drawing strength from the shared spirit that unites the university, fostering an environment conducive to growth and achievement.

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