University of Nairobi Students mentors Boy-Child

University of Nairobi students, pursuing Bachelor of Arts, Tourism mentored young boys from Young Life Africa Children’s Home, Ruiru, Nairobi. This was part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Speaking to the 31 young boys hosted at the home, the group leader, Humprey Mutai encouraged the young boys to work hard in their studies and achieve their dreams. “Let nobody discourage you. You have the potential to achieve your dreams. You have the power within you to reach far. We were young and now we are students at the University of Nairobi. You too can make it. Whatever you want in life, start planning today, “he said.

Young Life Africa Childrens’ Home, was established in 2003 with slightly over 60 young neglected boys in the society. The young boys have since graduated from various universities and on various occasions visit the home with their wives and children.  The home currently hosts slightly over 30 boys.

According to Mr. Fred Wanamambi, Manager, Young Life Africa Childrens’ Home, the home was established to empower the boy child. The home has since rescued needy children from the surrounding community and beyond and more so young boys without stable homes.

The childrens home has instilled a culture of discipline and hardwork among the boys. Each boy owns roughly 1/8 of an acre where he plants various crops ranging from kales, onions, tomatoes among others.  The proceeds from the garden is divided on a 70/30 ratio, where the boy gets 70 percent of the proceeds and the home retains 30 percent. The harvest is then sold to the nearest markets within Ruiru Town.

The challenges facing the children’s home include; feeding the boys and helping the young boys develop their talent.  Currently, the boys are being mentored along business, football and engineering talents. The school is looking for more people to come forward and help the young men.

University of Nairobi students took their time not only to talk and mentor the young boys, but also to plant trees, cook and share a meal with the boys at the home.  UoN students were joined by other groups from Volunteers for Kenya.