Robert Burale speaks at the extreme Potential Youth Summit on Mental Well-being

Robert Burale speaks at the extreme Potential Youth Summit on Mental Well-being

The University of Nairobi, the Office of the Dean of Students and Career Services, in collaboration with Extreme Potential, held an impactful session aimed at inspiring and motivating young minds for the future on December 9, 2023. Renowned speaker Robert Burale, at the "Extreme Potential Talk," delivered an encouraging message, stating, "You have it, the potential to be what you want"

Attended University of Nairobi students, the session provided a platform for insights on leadership growth. The event emphasized the importance of fostering leadership skills and soft professional attributes to mold the students into resilient, diligent, and dynamic leaders.

Team Mwai, a distinguished speaker, was among the invited speakers who shared valuable perspectives. They urged students to engage in leadership skills sessions, emphasizing the transformative power of acquiring these skills. The objective is to equip the youth with the necessary tools to emerge as competent and influential leaders in their respective fields.

The collaboration between the University of Nairobi and Extreme Potential reflects a commitment to nurturing the potential of the next generation. By providing a forum for learning and motivation, the university aims to instill qualities that will not only benefit the students personally but also contribute to the broader community by producing capable, forward-thinking leaders.

As the echoes of inspiration from this impactful session, the University of Nairobi continues to play a vital role in shaping the future by investing in the development of its students and cultivating the leaders of tomorrow.

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