The below information is the latest update from our VC regarding online platforms for teaching:

1. Use any of these platforms that you could chose to transition your classes:

● Zoom

● Google Classroom

● Big Blue Button

● Blackboard

● Webex

● University e-learning platform (e-class)

Some of these platforms limit the numbers per session and therefore may require students to be in small groups for large classes.

2. For the sake of students who may have challenges to connect for some reasons, including timing of the lecture, it would be appropriate to record the sessions and share with them via email or WhatsApp.

3. Be innovative and continuously review and update your delivery method including the type of activities.

4. You will find many free online resources that will help to enrich your classes. Feel free to use them.

5. Hold tutorials and small group discussions with your students. For post graduate students, schedule seminar presentations and Journal clubs where the students may present and even lead in the discussions.

6. Share experiences with each other and accommodate new ideas.

The Director ICT and Director ODeL will be available to assist and facilitate you as you take up online teaching and learning.

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