Office of Career Services hosts Equity Group Foundation and Teach for Kenya for a Career Talk.

The Office of Career Services headed by Mr. Johnson Ireri Kinyua, the current UoN Dean of Students, is a crucial office that ensures the institution produces holistic graduates prepared for workforce and entrepreneurship. This commitment has been achieved by enhanced graduate value through skills development, industry linkages for students to obtain jobs and internships opportunities and mentorship during their career journey.

The Office of Career Services on March 18, 2021 held a Career Talk in Collaboration with Equity Group Foundation and Teach for Kenya team towards increasing job employability in the market for the graduates. Equity Group Foundation represented by Beverly Kufwafwa provoked the students through a very participatory session on ways to enhance chances of Career success through studying hard and smart, the need to be visible and informed, exploring and enjoying, networking and the need to build ones brand. Ms. Beverly noted, “It’s fulfilling to choose a career that match with personal interests, skills, talents, personality, values and dreams and gets better with the realization that a better version of you is only achievable when one competes with oneself”.

Teach for Kenya CEO, Yucabeth Kidenda , explained the Teach For Kenya Fellowship program  runs for two years where the most outstanding graduates and professionals are placed as teachers in Kenya’s  most high need schools. The trained fellows from all professions that include medicine, law, teaching, engineering, sociology, economics and all other disciplines bring impactful and meaningful change towards every Kenyan child to receive quality education regardless of their social economic background. Within the two years, change goes beyond the classrooms to the communities they serve. Ms. Yucabeth Kidenda informed the students of the upcoming recruitment which is a great opportunity to tap into and become a fellow at Teach for Kenya.

In closing the Dean of Students, Mr. Kinyua, informed students that searching for a job is a job itself which entails meeting ones needs to meet your need. The Dean of Students emphasized the difference between one applicant from another is enhanced graduate value through the skills acquired and competitive advantages which at times may seem insignificant yet very crucial  such as digital skills, soft skills, communication skills, a well written CV, a foreign language, a driving license or even a passport.    

The Office of Career Services continues to engage with many more companies and organization to create industry linkages to ensure the students obtain endless job opportunities and internships. However, the students must frequently involve and participate in the various Career Talks hosted for exposure into labor force. The information on such opportunities is accessible through our different social media platforms (instagram-@UONDeanStudents, @uon_careeroffice ) websites (, or a physical visit to the Dean of Students and Office of Career Services offices at the Mahatma Gandhi Wing, ground floor Room no.G8.

Let us all get involved for a smooth transition to the labour market.

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