Nurturing Success: First-Year Career Mentorship at the University of Nairobi Faculty of Law

Nurturing Success: First-Year Career Mentorship at the University of Nairobi Faculty of Law

With the aim of laying a robust foundation for the budding legal minds at the University of Nairobi, the Office of Career Services orchestrated an enlightening mentorship session exclusively tailored for first-year students in the Faculty of Law. This session, which drew a crowd of 364 eager first year students, sought to demystify the ever evolving job market within the field of law and to enlighten students about the vital skills and competencies necessary to bolster their marketability upon graduation.

Madam Naomi Nyaboga, Section Head, Office of Career Services Nyaboga highlighted a range of essential 21st-century skills required for thriving in the job market. These include critical thinking, problem-solving, networking, information and technology literacy, flexibility, innovation, communication, presentation, leadership, creativity, and social skills.

The session included a panel which consisted of esteemed senior lecturers and accomplished advocates, all of whom proudly claim the University of Nairobi, Faculty of Law as their alma mater. Here are the invaluable insights gleaned from this enlightening panel discussion.

Joy Asiema, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law emphasized that the field of law remains a highly lucrative career path. She encouraged students to consider undertaking short courses in conjunction with their studies to gain additional skills. These courses include Human Resources (HR), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Forensic Audit, Corporate Secretaryship, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Taxation, Data Protection, and Analysis.

Jeffery Ferezy, Director, African Transition Hub underscored the importance of personal branding right from the first year. He urged students to progressively develop their skills and competencies while nurturing their CVs and LinkedIn profiles. Maintaining a clean social media presence and building a professional portfolio were key takeaways.

Hosea Manwa, Advocate & Founding Partner, Otwal & Manwa Advocates advised law students to acquire negotiation skills, which are indispensable in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.

In essence, the mentorship session illuminated the path for first-year law students at the University of Nairobi, equipping them with invaluable guidance and insights to embark on their career journeys. With these pearls of wisdom and a commitment to personal growth, the future looks promising for these aspiring legal professionals.

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