Learning by Doing in the Arava Desert

Learning_by_Doing _in_the_Arava Desert

Fifty (50) students from the University of Nairobi departed for Israel on 31st of October and 1st November 2021. The students have been awarded an11 months training on Advanced Agriculture and Irrigation at the Arava International Centre for Agricultural Training (AICAT) in Israel where they are attached to work with farmers in Kibbutz and Moshav Jewish forms of settlement. The students are living in farms in the Arava region where they will be exposed to high technologies and the advanced agriculture in Israel. The students are anticipated to complete their training in October 2022.

This photo showcases some of the success stories of students learning by doing two weeks after getting to the Arava.

The program will impact on the graduates' lives in different aspects including socially, academically, and economically. The students will also gain leadership skills and become community leaders and agricultural mentors; they will have both practical and theoretical tools in food safety and security and knowledge on how to successfully establish agribusinesses and model farms. When they return home, the graduates are hoped to easily integrate professionally in both the public and private sector.

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