Treasury CS Ukur Yattani, unveils the 2020/2021 2.91trillion budget yesterday 11th June 2020 to the National Assembly for approval. The final spending estimates are slightly lower than the present Ksh 3 trillion budget approved in December's first supplementary budget.The theme was on "Stimulating the Economy to safeguard livelihood, streamline jobs and Steer Economic Recovery." This article will touch on the budget for Education, Youth, Persons with Disabilities and the highlights of the budget. A key development is that by end December 2020, Government will set up an E-procurement portal to ensure all processes are done online for accountability and transparency.


  • Ksh 7.4 billion has been proposed to boost Education.
  • Ksh 2.1 billion will go into additional construction of classrooms in secondary schools.
  • Ksh 1.9 billion for provision of at least 250, 000 locally fabricated desks.
  • Ksh 2 billion to hire teachers in addition to the 10,000 interns meant for the Economic stimulation program.
  • Ksh 59.4 billion for free day secondary school facilitation in education re-engineering.


  • Youth receives Ksh 10.2billion under the NYS program, Ksh 2.1billion for the KYAP and Ksh 359 million for the Youth Enterprise development program.
  • Ksh 10billion to Kazi Mtaani program, targeting unemployed youth. Kazi mtaani program to employ more than 200,000.

Persons with Disabilities:

  • Women and Youths, PWD section is given only Ksh.400million.


  • Ksh 712million has been proposed for SME's for manufacturing.
  • The budget also proposes a Ksh 3billion figure for a credit guarantee scheme to help in unblocking finances for small and medium enterprises.
  • An amount of Ksh 300million has been allocated to facilitate to the ICT sector to facilitate training and equipping of ICT interns to oversee online learning during this period.
  • The government has rolled out a food sustaining strategy meant to develop road map to the post Covid-19 phase as well as beyond 2030.
  • Ksh 369.9 billion to counties in support of devolution.

For more detailed information on the budget and its implications on check out our finance website.