The Kenya Bureau of Standards(KEBS) has suspended the permits of 8 local hand sanitizer brands for failing to meet its requirements. In a statement, the regulatory body said the brands were identified after constant surveillance and were effectively banned for being potentially harmful to consumers.

“KEBS shall continue to undertake market surveillance and factory inspections. Substandard products found will be seized for destruction at the expense of the owner in addition to any other legal action as provided under the law,” the statement said.

This comes about a month after KEBS seized 5 brands of sanitizers that were not certified in Nairobi. The sanitizer brands- Fresh Burst , Shii little comforts , Gladmaxx and Aveko White Spirit are among those that have cropped up to meet the demand for sanitizers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As a result, the state body is cautioning Kenyans to be on the lookout for  substandard products. This not only applies to hand sanitizers but also to masks and toilet paper.