Jasiri is a one-year entrepreneurship development program for high potential individuals (under the age of 35) who display entrepreneurial intention-, maturity, and competencies to form part of a community of high impact responsible entrepreneurs. Jasiri believes that businesses can and should be a force for the common good by offering their customers and clients great value for money, acting ethically, creating good employment opportunities, raising efficiency through innovation and thereby earning a profit while contributing to the welfare of others. 

The program participants will participate in a world-class, regional-specific entrepreneurship development program that seeks to support participants toward a validated business idea. Jasiri takes a holistic and long-term approach to developing our entrepreneurs as they grow high impact ventures. Our support is individualized and aimed at removing barriers for entrepreneurs. Noting the significant complexities around COVID-19, the Jasiri team is focused on continuing our work around launching a campaign while being highly sensitive and aware of collective realities we are facing around the pandemic.

The Office of Career Services in partnership with Allan & Gill Gray a philanthropist Foundation from South Africa would like to launch a four-year program  (2020-2024) a High Impact Entrepreneurship Program (HIEP) called JASIRI for young budding entrepreneurs.

Our current campaign-, selection and program commencement dates are as follows:

Campaign Targets*

§  Stage 1: Campaign launch (June)

§  Stage 2: Application Open (July)

§  Stage 3: Online Interviews (August)

§  Stage 4: Psychometrics and Selection Conference (September)

§  Stage 5: Harvard Business Online Pre-program (Nov 2020)

§  Stage 6: Intensive Residential Program in Kigali, Rwanda (Jan-March)

*Campaign Targets: Subject to Change

*We have been wanting to launch the program since June 2020 but it has not been possible due to Covid-19 and we are now on the point of making a decision whether to launch it online.   

We would like to hear the voices of potential participants of the Jasiri program, by filling in this survey.


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