5G Study Program at the UoN ICT Academy

5G Study Program at the UoN ICT Academy

On August 15th, 2022, a 5G Study Program was launched at the University of Nairobi ICT Academy. This is a skill learning course for University/College students and Industry professionals/enthusiasts already in the ICT Industry to learn about the key technologies in 5G, benefits and use cases.

This is a free and open study program on our Talent Platform in collaboration with Huawei Kenya. 

Attached is a flyer of how to participate.

1.        5G Study Challenge Registration Link - https://bit.ly/5GStudyChallenge

2.        Join Class Link - https://bit.ly/Join5GClass

    Class Invitation Code – oeUcSE

3.        Study

4.        Take Test

5.        Earn 5G E-Certificate

Interested students are invited to enroll for the program.

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