2023 Mr & Miss UoN Crowned

2023 Mr & Miss UoN Crowned

Sila Harmaton Sammy has been crowned as Mr. UoN and Quinter Awino as Miss UoN for the academic year 2023/2024. This prestigious title was bestowed upon them during an elegant event hosted at the renowned Bomas of Kenya on the night of December 1, 2023. Beyond being a conventional pageantry competition, the event served as a dynamic platform for students, particularly Quinter and Harmaton, to showcase not only their physical charm but also their diverse talents and abilities.

The crowning ceremony was a spectacular showcase of talents, with each contestant presenting a unique blend of charisma, intelligence, and ingenuity. The competition, marked by its fierceness, underscored the high standards set by the University of Nairobi in fostering well-rounded individuals.

The newly crowned Mr and Miss UoN are not just symbols of beauty; they are now ambassadors of intellect and character. Their reign is dedicated to community service, reflecting the values that define the University of Nairobi's commitment to excellence.

The entire event was a glamorous convergence, attracting guests from various segments of society and enthusiastic comrades from within the institution. Distinguished attendees, including influential personalities and esteemed alumni, such as Hon. Babu Owino, Member of Parliament for Embakasi East, and Vice Chancellor Prof. Kiama Gitahi, with the latter being the chief guest, added an air of prestige to the festivities. The diverse audience highlighted the event's significance as a unifying force that transcended academic boundaries.

The success of the event is attributed to the collaborative efforts of the University of Nairobi Students Association, showcasing their dedication to nurturing a vibrant campus culture. The annual Mr and Miss UON extravaganza, characterized by sophistication and humane values, is poised to become a signature celebration, leaving a lasting legacy within the university community.



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