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All Calendar of Activities 2019
Starting in 2019
   Start Date End Date Title UnitType Venue Contact
101-Jan-201931-Dec-2019 Deans / Senate Secretariat Activities StudentlifeStaff
201-Mar-201931-Mar-2019 UNSA Elections StudentlifeStudents
308-Apr-201919-Apr-2019 UNSA Leaders Training StudentlifeStudents
426-Jun-201930-Jun-2019 UNSA Leaders Retreat StudentlifeStudents
515-Jul-201915-Jul-2019 Google Digital Marketing Skills Training Studentlife UoN Skill Center - UoN Towers
616-Jul-201916-Jul-2019 Presidential Digitalent Job Fair Studentlife
717-Jul-201917-Jul-2019 WMI Seminar: Sustainable Urban Open Space Planning and Governance in Nairobi County, Kenya Studentlife Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies (Green Campus).
818-Jul-201918-Jul-2019 Urban Transitions in East Africa Today: Conceptualising and Analysing the Prospects for Generative Urbanization Studentlife UoN Towers - MLT 401
919-Jul-201919-Jul-2019 UoN Students' Association CHSS Luncheon Studentlife
1018-Oct-201920-Oct-2019 ARUA International Conference 2019 Studentlife Main Campus, University of Nairobi
1122-Oct-201924-Oct-2019 2nd Annual Architecture and Engineering Conference (AEC 2019) Studentlife Great Court, Main Campus
1222-Oct-201924-Oct-2019 1st International Conference on Open, Distance and E-Learning Studentlife
1322-Oct-201923-Oct-2019 2nd Annual Victimology and Victim Support Conference 2019 Studentlife
1422-Oct-201923-Oct-2019 AGRO 2019 Conference and Exhibition Studentlife
1522-Oct-201924-Oct-2019 2nd Annual Nairobi International Multidisciplinary Conference Studentlife
1622-Oct-201925-Oct-2019 University of Nairobi Research Week Studentlife
1723-Oct-201925-Oct-2019 Advancing Science to Inform Sustainable Development Studentlife
1823-Oct-201925-Oct-2019 2nd Annual Conference on the Status of African Women Studentlife
1923-Oct-201925-Oct-2019 2nd Annual International Conference on Research and Innovation in Education Studentlife
2023-Oct-201925-Oct-2019 Value Creating and Critical Thinking in a Global World Studentlife
2123-Oct-201924-Oct-2019 1st Annual International Conference of Project Management Studentlife
2224-Oct-201925-Oct-2019 African International Business and Management Conference (AIBUMA) Studentlife
2324-Oct-201925-Oct-2019 1st Annual Development Finance Conference 2019 Studentlife
2424-Oct-201925-Oct-2019 1st Annual Research Grant Proposal Writing Masterclass Studentlife

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