Chiromo KiliRover Scouts Camp Activities

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Start Time: 
Mon, 2016-11-21 (All day)
End Time: 
Sat, 2016-12-31 (All day)

University of Nairobi chiromo KiliRover Scouts is one of the most active clubs in the university and has engaged in various activities that made it be recognized as the best crew in Nairobi County in 2015 and 2016. We engage in tree planting, leadership training, capacity building, community service, scout competitions, life skills in hikes and camps, parades and guard of honor.

The Kijabe one night camp had involved children’s home visit at Wamuheru children’s home, tree planting at Kijabe Boy’s High School, a community service at Kijabe market and a hike at Kijabe hills. The whole activity was a success. The activity had 54 members with a total of 45 students from University of Nairobi, 4 students from Kenyatta University (panthera), 2 students from Egerton University, 2 members form the Kenya scouts Association and the University of Nairobi Jasiri Scouts leader.

Tree planting at Kijabe Boy’s High School.

At Kijabe boys high school there are a lot of trees as the climate favors the growth and development of trees. As it is our norm, we planted 58 tree seedlings around the schools compound and we are guaranteed that the trees will grow.

Community service at Kijabe market.

After unsuccessful service delivery at Kijabe Hospital, we embarked on kijabe market where we cleaned the dirty market as a community service. The market was dirty.

The Kijabe hospital requested that we come back on a week day which we agreed. After enquiry from kijabe police station, we were authorized to carry out our community service at the market place.


Children’s home visit

The Wamuheru children’s home is a small growing children’s home having a total of 62 children. The crew donated cloths and prepared lunch which we took together. The children’s home really needs support from individuals and other institution. It was fun playing around with the children and they were happy to socialize with the University of Nairobi students.

Hike on the Kijabe hills.

Kijabe hills are amongst the most challenging hills to hike. The crew members had to adequately prepare for the hike following hiking rules. We were able to hike four hills through team work.

The kilirover scouts still and always works on its main 2015 project which was the GO GREEN, planting over 500,000 trees in Kenya. Kijabewas not an exception and we so 58 tree seedlings planted. Follow ups are to be made to ensure that the trees do not weather.

The community service took place though not as planned. The crew was to have their community service at Kijabe Hospital but time couldn’t allow us. Being a weekend, it was not possible to have our community service as from 4:00 pm till 6:00 pm. We were requested to come back again but on a week day. We so it wise and necessary to clean the market place as a scout cares about his/her environment.

The hike was a challenge to the body and to the different teams (patrols)as the main components which were being tested in the hike were; ability to embrace team work and general body fitness. All the three teams were able to overcome the challenge by embracing team work at different levels.



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