Chiromo CCU Childrens' Remand visit

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Start Time: 
Mon, 2016-11-21 (All day)
End Time: 
Sat, 2016-12-31 (All day)

Chiromo Christian Union  members visited the Kabete Children’s Remand Centre  on 10th October, 2016. The members took time to provide mentorship talks to these children. They were divided into groups of four and children were allocated to each group for mentorship. There were four major groups that had been formed by the management according to age groups i.e. 13-17yrs boys and girls and 7-13yrs boys and girls. Members chose the group to mentor depending on the age group they were comfortable with. The topics of discussion included:

  • Salvation(walk of faith)
  • Challenges in life and how to manage them.
  • God’s faithfulness despite challenges
  • How to cope with court’s decision
  • Norms and virtues to uphold so as to e part of the society once their cases are over.

Each person had a story to share which still pained them.  The grief in their faces was so evident.  Their troubled faces and regrets spoke it all. For a moment, one didn’t know what to ask or what not to ask.

For some tears welled down their eyes as they told of their stories. They had not yet come to term with the fact that they had been sexually molested by the people they least expected (parents). This drew us apart. We grieved from inside, almost left speechless searching for words to comfort them. For others, it was about detention for being in the country illegally yet their passports and visas had not expired. It was even worse for one of them who had been rejected by his family back in his country, for having converted from Islam to Christianity. He still hoped that one day he would be back home and re-unite with his family despite him being a Christian. Then, this other group of several girls. All here in a bid to fight for their rights. Care and protection from parents is what they lack. Each of them had left their homes for looking for better places to dwell. Places they would find love, care and protection. We failed to understand how a child from a well-up family would still be there suing their able parents for something they could easily handle. It’s such a pity. We listened, sympathized and encouraged them to the best of our ability, all being led by God’s wisdom. By the end of the day we left a smile on their face.




The union members engaged in various games such as;

  1. Football
  2. Swinging
  3. Athletics
  4. Singing games

And many more which left the children refreshed and relaxed.


Lunch was served at 2:00 pm by the catering committee led by Regina Wagatu, the vice chairperson. Everyone ate to their full since the food was in plenty as bonding with the children went on.



After lunch we converged at the parade square. The praise and worship team led in praises and worship. After singing and dancing, the M.C invited the speaker; Bro George Maina who shared the word on the topic: THE LOVE OF GOD. The word was received conviction. We said a general prayer for the children and also at personal levels depending on their needs. They were left encouraged. The joy of knowing the goodness of the love of God clearly lit in their faces.

Vote of thanks and conclusion

The former chairman in-charge compassion; Anaklet Koros gave a vote of thanks to the Remand Home family for giving us a chance to visit and interact with their children. He presented the donations to them on behalf of the union. Children leaders also appreciated the Union’s visit and invited us again. The conclusion prayer was made by John Caleb.

Acts 20; 35 “I have shown you in every way, by laboring like this, that you must support the weak. And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”"



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