Yalda celebrates 100 Days of Volunteerism

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Mon, 2015-07-13 17:32

Yalda celebrates 100 Days of Volunteerism

YALDA today celebrated 100 Days of Volunteerism witnessed by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Mr. Raouf Mazou who was the chief guest at the event.


Among the most active student groups, YALDA ranks among the top and it has attracted members from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda and Nigeria among other countries. YALDA is growing fast partly because they are vocal on youth leadership and advocacy, some of the issues key to the Africa Union Youth Leadership.


Among the activities YALDA has been involved in include: mentorship programs to children homes, environmental conservation and planting of over 1000 trees. They have as well participated in clean up exercises of Arboretum and Karura Forest.

Yalda 100 Days Volunteerism

Speaking during the event Mr. Raouf Mazou congratulated YALDA for giving the youth a chance to practise their leadership skills. “We believe youth leadership is essential in transforming nations”, he said. Launched on 27th February by United Nations Ambassador to Nairobi, Dr. Martin Kimani, YALDA has grown in leaps and bounds.


Mr. Mazou believes that the kind of education the students are getting now, will prepare them for the leadership positions in the future. He noted that people need educated leaders to show them direction. The world is in need of leadership. Leaders who will not be agents of war, but agents of peace, leaders who will not divide people based on race or religion or tribe.   He blamed lack of leadership for having given rise to several wars that have caused close to 60 million people to be refugees, of which Kenya hosts 500,000. He challenged the students to rise and change the world.

YALDA 100 Days of Volunteerism

“Being a refugee is not a state any of us want to be in. Refugee camp is not a place anybody wants to call home”, he noted. He encouraged the youth to see Africa as the next frontier of development and not the western world. Mr. Raouf noted that when there is peace in countries like South Sudan, it is Kenyans who benefit most. Peace enables multinationals like Kenya Commercial Bank, Equity Bank, Jubilee Insurance among others to set up commercial entities in the entire region.

The outgoing Chairman of YALDA, Victor Uhuru, took the opportunity to hand over the mantle of leadership to the incoming Chairman, Victor Gesora.

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