Inspiration from one of the University of Nairobi, 2015 Graduates

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Tue, 2015-09-08 14:39

University of Nairobi 53rd Graduation Ceremony - Class of 2015

I had the chance of interviewing one of the graduates graduating in The University Of Nairobi on Friday and his inspirational and determined spirit could not be left unnoticed. George Onyango like other hopeful students joined the University in the year 2011 and was here for a Bachelor of Arts which he initially majored in Literature, Sociology and Political Science.


In his third year, he dropped Political Science and then majored in Literature and took a minor in Sociology. He explains that his journey at the university wasn’t easy but it was worthwhile because he learnt a lot. He has completed his bachelor at 22 and I was quick to ask him what his plans were and what he had accomplished so far.


He started by saying that he would wish he had done a lot of internships and attachments during the many long holidays that he had rather than doing nothing. By doing this, he would have been a bit far from where he is now with a constant job and a good pay.


After he cleared school, George got an internship with Coke Studio Africa. Most of the work he did was related to film work. He said that he really enjoyed meeting artists from around Africa including Yemi Alade and that that was an experience he would relive.


After his graduation was done, he said he aspired to get a dream job with the camera and lighting department and also start his masters degree in film studies abroad which he has already started applying which has been successful so far since he had a First Class Honors.


He also advised that students should not discriminate jobs and that even if they get internships that pay, they should look at the overall advantage that comes with gaining firsthand experience from an internship. Students should also maintain a close relationship with lecturers because they have a lot to offer including advice on where to apply for jobs and how to go about their courses.

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